The Dragon's Head News and Updates from Taoist Tai Chi®  International


Taoist Arts in Brampton City Square

Many participants from the Brampton, Ontario, location participated in the CeleBrampton Arts Day on Saturday June 9.  It was a beautiful day and we completed many sets and foundation exercises....


Waking the Lion in Niagara

About 30 Niagara Branch participants gathered outside St. Catharines City Hall to demonstrate Taoist Tai Chi® arts on Thursday, May 31.  This was the first of 40 demos celebrating and promoting...

Florida Taoist Tai Chi 0

Classical Concert in St. Petersburg, Florida

The St. Petersburg branch participants enjoyed a wonderful classical guitar concert on Sunday afternoon. One of our members’ brother, Charles Mokotoff, was in town and entertained around 70 people with his mesmerizing...