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RB_FindClasses_V3_TaoistTaiChi“The Dragon’s Head” is the official blog of Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi®.

In more than 26 countries around the globe, people are enjoying the many benefits of practicing the Taoist Tai Chi® arts  in the friendly atmosphere of our volunteer, non-profit and charitable organization.

Taoist Tai Chi® arts are founded upon a rich tradition of Taoist training. They are intended to return both body and mind to their original nature. We bring together people of different languages and cultures in a worldwide community focused on furthering the aims and objectives laid down by the our founder, Master Moy Lin Shin.

For those of you who are participants, think of it as a virtual extension of the tea break in your regular tai chi class. This is where we’ll socialize, share stories, make important announcements, and keep the ever-growing community of  members connected beyond the four walls of our local branches.

For those of you who aren’t participants, think of it as a taste of the world’s largest nonprofit tai chi organization with more than 40,000 participants in 26 countries that span the globe. We hope you’ll be inspired by the deep passion our participants feel for this organization to consider participating and joining one of our classes near you.

Bookmark it, set up an RSS feed, and stay on top of all the news of the world’s largest nonprofit tai chi organization.

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