In October the Portland Branch enjoyed its first English Afternoon Tea/Fundraiser.  A group which had been enjoying small tea tastings for several years decided they would like to put on an English Tea and they did it well.   
The day before the event the volunteers were busy in their home kitchens baking fabulous scones, lemon bars, shortbreads, florentines and even making clotted creme.  The morning of the event the branch kitchen teemed with activity as they produced three kinds of tea sandwiches.  The white table cloths were brightened by the volunteers’ treasured teapots, sugar bowls, creamers, and table runners.  Three volunteers dressed as English maids scurried between the tables bringing fresh tea and serving food.
Attendees were invited to bring their favorite teacups for a teacup competition.  The competition was spirited, yet friendly with fragile heirlooms, museum replicas and a charming granddaughter’s handmade origami entry.  Those who did not have their own teacups were able to choose from a lovely selection lent by the volunteers.  
While some participants were at ease in their tai chi clothes others accepted the invitation to compete in various hat and outfit contests with dramatic results.  Two women generously brought their hat collections and invited others to borrow hats to wear during the tea.  Several even found hats that complemented their tai chi t-shirts.
We laughed a lot and had time to talk to our friends.

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