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National Program in the Dark

On September 22nd and 23rd, the Ottawa Branch held a national program led by John Huang. This was a weekend to remember, as the night before the program began, several tornadoes...

International Senior’s Day in Brussels 0

International Senior’s Day in Brussels

    International Senior’s Day celebrates the end of the 5th season of partnership between the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Belgium and the City of Brussels. The program included...

Treasuring the Teachings 0

Treasuring the Teachings

A small group of dedicated people, showing great care and respect, gave the shrine in Colchester a thorough clean.  It needed it. The work was satisfying and quite therapeutic and...

Harmony in Essex 0

Harmony in Essex

Essex is a county in Great Britain where many people practise Taoist Tai ChiTM arts. On Wednesday participants from South East Essex hired a coach and joined others in North...

Another Popular Beginner’s Weekend 0

Another Popular Beginner’s Weekend

Our beginner weekends are always popular and this one was no exception. 120 new members found balance in the 108 moves and learnt something of our culture. Many new friendships...


Special day in Mallorca (Spain)

To finish the summer classes in Mallorca (Spain) we have organized a special day starting with a workshop customizing t-shirts and another workshop of Mahjong, then a Tai Chi class,...


Dinner from ‘The Land of Smiles’

On Saturday August 18, approximately 40 participants gathered at the Tallahassee, Florida center for an afternoon intensive. While they practiced their Tai Chi and learned about different aspects of Taoist...

Volunteering at the All Souls Festival at International Centre near Orangeville 0

Volunteering at the All Souls Festival at International Centre near Orangeville

A volunteer at the International Centre near Orangeville describes how helping at the All Souls Festival has a profound effect.